About Us

Grandmasters Championship


Are you older and feel your competitive curling days are over? Think again, and look at the Ontario Grandmasters Curling Association events, designed for Ontario men curlers 70 years of age and older and women curlers 65 years of age and older, leading to the Ontario Grandmasters Provincial Championship. Our events are sanctioned by the Ontario Curling Association.

While curling for senior members in Southern Ontario was active, what was not available was a provincial championship for Grandmasters. Austin Palmer of the Thornhill Golf & Country Club convened a group of like-minded individuals; the Ontario Grandmasters Curling Association was born.


The Beginning

Year 2006.  The first of the original committee members were, Gord Beaumont, Dave Dalton and John Stark from Thornhill Golf & Country Club, Bill Boorne, Art Burford and John Bayes from Bayview Golf & Country Club and Ron Gibson from Richmond Hill CC.  Later that same season the following joined the committee: Gil Berringer and Dave LaFerle from Bayview Golf & Country Club, Ben Petch from Tam Heather Curling Club, Art Lobel from Richmond Hill Curling Club and Peter Barker from Dixie Curling Club

We had our first Provincial Championship March 23rd and 24th, 2007.

Our mission

  1. To provide a provincial competition for 16 zone winners in order to determine an Ontrio Grandmasters Champion.
  2. To promote curling at the Grandmasters level in Ontario for men at least 70 years of age and women at least 65 years of age.
  3. To encourage other provinces to adopt their own Grandmasters Championship.
  4. To foster good relations with Grandmasters participants, our sponsors (listed on another page on this website and we encourage you to support them), The Thornhill Club and the Ontario Curling Association.